I am exploring the connection with my environment that the 10,000 generations before me possessed. I believe that in this technological world we live in it is easy to loose sight of our reasons for being excited about life. I am no longer the Ducati riding, downtown loft living artist many know me or remember me as. Its not that I have fallen from any great height but I took on an inherent challenge to simply look in a mirror and justify the time I am spending in my waking life. Now, in my efforts in rebuilding myself into a human being that can best serve my environment I believe that I must develop a, one on one, relationship with nature that can sustain me and my family. By moving in this direction I hope to develop an understanding and independence that I believe will be crucial in laying the foundation on which to build "something" that can turn the direction I believe we, as a whole, are moving in. I believe that society, generally speaking, is finding its self in an unsustainable truth. What I have been made aware of in these past several years has led me to believe that through independent exploration and creative action one can find their own unique skill sets and reasons for moving towards an independent, sustainable, and rewarding life. I am set in proving it.

No bee is left out of the hive.

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28th April 2013

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A Southern Mother part 2.

These are just some images of my wife and the children that we have taken last year. From time to time I will post about her doings. She is a beautiful independent, creative, and fierce creature.¬† We believe that raising our children with exploring¬† nature is the way to get them started in a world full of commercials and plastic imported toys. Their heads in the sky, their feet in the soil, and their heats in the forest. Furthermore, Don’t mess with Mama.

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